The Imperial Constainian Embassy at Sol

On behalf of  Her Royal Highness Empress Sarah I of Constainia,

Welcome and greetings, traveler.   We trust that thou wilt find this waystation a place of edification in regards to the Empire, our glorious History, current State of Affairs, and  vision of the United Future.  Please, feel free to browse the  posted literature and learn more  of the Constainian Empire.  Audiences with Her Majesty the Empress mayest be scheduled with the Secretary of State and informal Court Gatherings are held every second Revealc.  Dispatches  and communiqués mayest be delivered to the Missive Guardsman and thy tribute mayest be registered with the Clerk of the Palisade.
      With warmest salutations, 
            the Imperial Constainian Ambassador to the Sol System and surrounding Territories, ICBDP&PR
 A Message From Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Sarah I of Constainia

A Basic History and Structure of the Empire

Current Communications and Updates

Tourist/ Immigration Information
      Immigration/Work Permit Form
     The State Calendar of Imperial Constainia
           Calendar Date Conversion from Gregorian to Imperial Standard
     Monetary System

The Constainian Empire and Outlying Neighbors

The Constainian Militia
The Academies of Imperial Constainia