So, you've decided to emigrate to the far-flung Constainian Empire, or perhaps you merely wish to sojourn here for a time.  In either case, a basic understanding of the structure, society, and culture of the Empire shall be crucial to you.  In this brochure you will find a very basic introduction to the Empire and its workings.  On account of the informational limitations automatically set upon this form of media, please contact your local Embassy for answers to any questions you may have and for customs and travel information.

A Basic History and Structure of the Empire


Founded in 279 AI by the dread privateer ‘Bob’ Roberts IV, the Empire has expanded from its humble beginning on a single planet to encompass 584 star systems.  Currently, the Constainian Empire is ruled as an absolute beneviolent monarchy by the Empress Sarah I.

The Magnus

The Magnus is an advisory body to the Crown composed of the Royal classes, the Militia Commanders, the Guildmasters, the Magistrates, and the Council of Independent Agencies.   Although certain powers have been granted it for reasons of efficiency and expedience, Her Majesty retains the power to overrule and disregard the Magnus.

The Royal Classes

The Royal classes are non-hereditary titles granted by the Crown.  They control the Greater Divisions of the Imperial Lands.

•  Grand Duke/Duchess
 The highest class below the Empress and the only class having a specific limit, the four Grand Duchesses and Grand Dukes hold the lands of the Original Quadrants.

•   Margrave/Margravine
 The middle class of the Royalty, the Margraves govern the BorderLands.

•   Count-Palatine
 As the Conquered Lands require a firm hand, the Counts-Palatine oversee various regions of unrest.

The High Nobility

As with the Royal classes, the High Noble titles are also non-hereditary and Imperially bestowed.  These control star systems and are usually found in districts under the overarching governance of Royalty.

•   Duke/Duchess
•   Marquisse/Marchioness
•   Count/Countess

The Minor Nobility

The Minor Noble classes are an oddity in the Empire, as certain titles are permitted to be hereditary.  Usually these hereditary titles are found in the Outlying Territories and in the Conquered Lands as a placating remnant of the conquered.  Of course, they are always under the eye of either the High Nobility or the Royalty, in some instances, both.

•  Viscomte/Viscomtess
•  Baron/Baroness
•  Baronet

The Knightly Orders

Knighthoods are conferred solely upon merit, are non-hereditary, and are conferred by either the Order itself or by the Crown, as per the Writ of each Order.

The Military

In keeping with the tradition and requirements of a large interstellar Empire, the Constainian Militia is both large and diverse.  There are five major divisions of the Militia:
•  Ground Forces
•  Air Corps
•  Space Force
•  Mecha Corps
•  Bolo Corps

There are also Special Operations corollaries to each of the above divisions.  Special Operations and the ICIICSF are completely independent of the standard Militia divisions.

The Guilds

The Guilds, many and varied though they are, do share some common functions.  They are in charge of overseeing the production, quality control, and distribution of their various services and products throughout the Empire, as well as the licensing of their respective practitioners.

The Bureaus

As one might presume from the name, the Bureaus hold sway over a multitude of day-to-day functions in the Empire, such as public relations and provisioning.

The Independent Agencies

The Council of Independent Agencies provides guidance and support, as well  as representation in the Magnus, for a wide variety of specialties with influences both internal and external to the Empire.  The Imperial Academies are especially well-known for their excellence.

ICBDP&PR Publication #3247-25-FSC
Imperial Bureau of Diplomacy, Propaganda, and Public Relations